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Under the guidance of the faculty, 20 Research Scholars who had registered for Ph.D. in Education during 2008-2009, out of which following 19 Research Scholars faced Viva Voce and obtained Ph.D. Degree in Education  from Mangalore University.  They were guided by Four Research Guides of the College.    In the year 2011, Nine  Research Scholars, in 2012, Eight  Research Scholars, in 2013 Eight  Research Scholars and in 2014, Three Ph.D. Scholars have  completed their Ph.D. Course Work.  In the year 2016,  Two Foreign Research Scholars have registered for Ph.D.   

List of Research Scholars who have obtained their Ph.D. Degree in Education from Mangalore University  :

Sl. No.

Name of the Researcher Date of Enrolment Title of the Research
Dr. (Sr.) Leonilla Menezes, A.C.
1. Anith Kumar 14-07-2008 A Study on the effect of Participatory approach on developing Environmental Competencies and the related Variables at Primary School Level
2. Sebastian V.J 14-07-2008 A Study on the Multiple Intelligences Aptitude and Value Pattern of Secondary School Students of Namchi District of Sikkim
3. Farita N.F. D’Souza 14-07-2008 A Study on the Effect of Neuro Linguistics Programming Strategies on the Dynamic Learning of Pupils of Class nine with different levels of Self Esteem
4. Fr.Tomy Mathew 14-07-2008

A Study on Accountability, Burnout Behaviour and Professional Enhancement of the Secondary School Teachers of Bastar Division in Chattisgarh.

5. Ms. Annie Dimple Castelino 14-07-2008

A Study on the Effect of Multi-media Approach on Developing Self Directed Learning and Achievement Among Secondary School Pupils.

Dr. (Mrs.) Padmavathi M.

6. Fr. Tony Joseph 14-07-2008 A Study on selected Psychological Determinants of Teacher Effectiveness among the Secondary level Pre-Service Teachers of Kottayam District
7. Lalithambika K. 14-07-2008 A Study on the effect of need based Instructional material in remedying the bearing difficulties in mathematics to improve the achievement of the students of Class seven Mangalore Taluk
8. Pinto Stany Pavostine 14-07-2008 A Study on the effect of Specially designed Instructional Material in developing Peace Awareness among the pupils of Standard VII in Uttara Kannada District
9. Delia Antao 14-07-2008

An investigation into the relationship between Environmental Awareness and Conservational Commitment among Secondary School Teachers, Students of Standard Eight and their Parents in Goa

10. Jayashree K.Castelino 14-07-2008

A Study on developing the need based Instructional material for Enhancing Mathematical performance of the children with Dyscalculia, a learning disability in Karnataka State.

Dr. (Mrs.) Shashikala A.

11. Babu S. 14-07-2008 A Study on the identification and development of  Competencies related to Business Studies at Plus Two Level.
12. Joshna Rao K. 14-07-2008 Development of Managerial Skills among Secondary Student Teachers and its Correlates
13. Shobitha M.K. 14-07-2008 A Study on the Identification and development of Music Competencies among the Students of age group ii Plus and Related Variables.   
14. Vijayalakshmi Naik 14-07-2008

Effectiveness of Inter-Disciplinary and  Multi-Media Approach Instructional Package (IDMMAIP) on the Development of Selected Competencies in Mathematics and Kannada among slum Students.

Dr. (Mrs.) Vijayakumari. S.N

15. Jane Sequiera 14-07-2008 Effectiveness of Metacognitive Strategy Instruction on Reading Comprehension, Metacognitive Skills, Critical Thinking and Transfer of Skills among the Secondary School Students with different Achievement levels.
16. Prescilla Cynthia D’Souza 14-07-2008 A Study on the Interactive effects of School culture and Leadership behavior of School Principals on Teacher Accountability and Teacher Resilience
17. Shimna Paul 14-07-2008 A Study on the Effectiveness of Ideal Strategy in Metacognition and 5E Model in Constructivism on the Achievement in Physics, Scientific Creativity and Thinking Skills among the Higher Secondary Students with Different Creativity levels.   
18. Myrtle Joyce Shobha D’Souza 14-07-2008

A Study on the effectiveness of Strategies based on Bruner’s Instructional design on Achievement in Mathematics and Problem Solving ability among secondary School Students with different Cognitive Styles.

19. Mr. Prashanth Kumar K.S. 14-07-2008

Effectiveness of Soft Skills Training on Soft Skills and Behavior of Pre-Service Teachers with Different Levels of Teaching Aptitude and Pupils Achievement

List of Research Scholars who have  submitted their Final Thesis of Ph.D. Degree in Education to Mangalore University  :

Sl. No.

Name of the Researcher Date of Enrolment Title of the Research

Dr. (Sr.) Leonilla Menezes, A.C.

1. Mrs.Sharmila L. Mascarenhas 29-08-2011 Effectiveness of Different Methods of Teaching on Science Process Skills, Academic Achievement and Scientific Attitude of Higher Secondary School Students with Different Levels of Intelligence.

Dr. (Mrs.) Vijayakumari. S.N

2. Mrs. Naik Savita 29-08-2011 Effectiveness of Reflective Teaching Training on Knowledge of Reflective Teaching Skills and Professional Learning among Elementary Teacher-Trainees with different Levels of Teaching Aptitude.

Dr. (Mrs.) Flosy C.R. D’Souza

3. Mrs. Fernandes Rosy Salvador 24-01-2013 Effect of Computer Based Mapping on Attainment of Concepts, Reasoning Ability and Achievement in Biological Science of Secondary School Students.

List of Research Scholars who have completed the Course Work and pursuing their  Ph.D. Degree in Education from Mangalore University  :

Sl. No.

Name of the Researcher Date of Enrolment Title of the Research

Dr. (Sr.) Leonilla Menezes, A.C.
1. Mrs. Ramya K.S. 29-08-2011 A Study on Environmental Ethics Scientific Attitude and Attitude towards Sustainable Development Among Secondary School Teachers.
2. Mrs. Nayak Deepti Ramachandra 24-01-2013 N®w®Ýl® „¯ǯ N¹ý®© î®±q®±Ù „¯ǯ î®±wµ²°„Â¯î® „µ¡µš®±î®ªå S®oN®‡®±ºq¯äu¯‹q® …œ®±î®¾¯u®ãî®± š¯î®±T䇮± y®‹n¯î®±
3. Mrs. Rose Kiran Pinto 04-02-2014 Effect of Autonomous Learner Model on Problem Solving Ability, Self Esteem and Achievement in Science
4. Mrs. Smrithy Raj 04-02-2014

Effect of Task Based Learning on Critical Thinking skills Communicative Competencies and Achievement in English Among Higher Secondary Students

5. Mrs. Chandini 05-02-2015

Study on Social Intelligence, Leadership Styles and Self Concept of School Teachers

6. Sr. Dorothy D’Souza, A.C. 05-02-2015

Effect of Social Construction Approach on Critical Problem Solving Skills and Achievement in Political Science among Higher Secondary Students

7. Ms. Pallavi Dongre 05-02-2015

Effect of Cooperative Learning Strategy on Achievement in Mathematics, Attitude towards Mathematics and Perceived Self-Efficacy of Secondary School Students.

Dr. (Mrs.) Shashikala A.

8. Mr. Syprian Monteiro 29-08-2011 y¹äl® ý¯ŒµS®¡®ªå Aw®±Ç¯Õw®Sµ²ºmŠ®±î® J.›.i. N¯‡®±9N®äî®±S®¡® (œ®ºq® 1 î®±q®±Ù 2) ¹©ã¯y®w¯q®âN® Au®㇮±w®. 
9. Mr. Girish H.R. 29-08-2011 š¯æq®ºq¯üw®ºq®Š®u® N®w¯9hN®u®ªåw® „¯©O‡®±Š® þ£®ou® ›ÚrS®r‡®± Kºu®± Au®㇮±w®.
10. Mrs. Sumathi 29-08-2011 The Status of Higher Education in Karnataka During Post Independence Period.

Dr. (Mrs.) Vijayakumari. S.N

11. Mrs. Umashree D.K. 29-08-2011 Effect of Different Instructional Strategies of Eco-Centric Approach on Sustainable Development Competencies, Eco-Centric Attitude, Achievement in Science of Secondary School Students with Different levels of Scientific Thinking.
12. Mrs. Dhanalakshmi 29-08-2011 Effectiveness of Different Approaches of Teaching Life Skills, on Enhancing Life Skill, Spiritual Intelligence and Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students with different levels of Self Esteem.
13. Fr. Fernandes Dominic Savio Jospeh 04-02-2014 The Possible Future of the Right to Education Act.
14. Mrs. Flavia D’Souza 04-02-2014

Effect of Collaborative Techno-Enhanced Anchored Instruction on Academic Achievement in Physics, Problem Solving Skills, Scientific Attitude and Social Skills Among Secondary School Pupils.

15. Fr. Jinto M. 04-02-2014

Effect of Problem Based Learning with Metacognitive scaffolding on Achievement in Sociology, Problem Solving Ability and Social Skills Among Higher Secondary Students.

16. Mrs. Laveena Reshma D’Sa 04-02-2014

Effect of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Strategy on Teacher Competencies, Reflective Practices and Pedagogical Skills of Pre-Service Teachers.

17. Mrs. Sheeba K. 04-02-2014

Effect of School Culture and Socio Economic Status on Academic Achievement, Self-Esteem and Democratic Citizenship Competencies Among Higher Secondary Students.

18. Taraivini Nailingamasei Raiula 08-10-2015

Study on the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT), Mathematics Attitude, Knowledge and Practice of Reflective Teaching and Teacher Effectiveness among Primary School Mathematics Teachers in FIJI

Dr. (Mrs.) Flosy C.R. D’Souza

19. Mr.Vinod Kumar M. 24-01-2013 Development of an instructional package Based on Guilford’s Divergent Production and its Effect on Divergent Production Abilities, Problem Solving Skills and achievement in Science of students at Secondary School Level.
20. Sr. Saroj Aind 24-01-2013 Effect of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Improving Geospatial Thinking and Achievement in Geography of Pupils at Secondary School Level.
21. Mrs. Linus Benedicta D’Souza 24-01-2013 Occupational Stress of Teachers in Relation to Quality of work life and Academic involvement in Higher Education
22. Mr. Swamy K.A. 04-02-2014

Nµ²l®S®± dŒµå‡®± Bý®äî®± ý¯ŒµS®¡® Au®㇮±w®


23. Mr. Suresh Kumar T. 24-01-2013

Self Efficacy in relation to Sports Climate and Home Climate of Pre-service Physical Education Teachers of Karnataka State.

24. Mrs. Nayak Sumangala Subray 24-01-2013

Teacher Efficacy in relation to Teacher Motivation and Personality of Primary School Teachers.  

25. Mrs. Shetty Sandhya Bhojraj 24-01-2013

Development of an Instructional Package Based on Stephen covey’s seven Habits and its Effect on Emotional Intelligence, Self Leadership, Problem Solving and academic Achievement of Students at Secondary School Level.

26. Sofia Shireen Nisha Khatun Ali 08-10-2015

Effectiveness of ICT Mediated Cognitive Apprenticeship Model on Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving and Achievement in Mathematics of Upper Primary School Students in FIJI



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